Hello and Welcome to Butz disposable ashtrays.
A revolution in the messy world of cigarette bins.

A cigarette bin like no other, it is a disposable container, neatly dealing with your used butts.

No more messy emptying of the disgusting cigarette bin contents. Simply slide the Butz foil disposable ashtray container from the backing plate, dispose of it and slip in a new foil ashtray. Simple, clean, safe. Environmentally friendly Butz ashtrays come pre packed in small, easy to handle packaging.

By changing your Butz disposable ashtray everyday your work place will be a cleaner environment for all, with no overfilled ashtrays. With Butz cigarette bins you are providing a clean, safe way to extinguish and dispose of cigarette waste.

Your Butz Cigarette Bin will always look smart and clean, unlike some cigarette bin's that quickly look shabby.

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