Distributor and franchise opportunities exist with Butz. Please contact us to find out more.


Being part of a franchise is a quick way to set up your own business without starting from scratch. There can also be many other advantages to make it worth your while:

  • The business is based on a proven idea
  • A recognised brand name and trade mark
  • Ready help and support, including training, help setting up and then ongoing advice
  • Already built up reputation
  • Suppliers and stock levels have already been established
  • Help with problem solving
  • Product research and buying power
  • Marketing tools and ad campaigns are already provided, saving huge costs
  • Management support
  • High success rate and lower risk

How to contact us

The Ropeworks
Stanbank Street, Stockport
Cheshire, SK4 1PX

Email:  info@butz.org.uk
Phone: 0161 945 6116

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